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  • first name : Benjamin
  • last name : Gough
  • Age : 30 Years
  • Nationality : British
  • Height : 6'0" (~181cm)
  • Weight : 12st (168lbs)


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  • September 2023
    Started SwimmingHobby

    I have started doing lane sessions every week, and can currently do around 15 laps with a minute or two break each lap.

  • December 2021
    Weight LossAchievement

    I lost 6st (84lbs), going from 18st (252lbs) to 12st (168lbs), through simple calorie counting and the motivation of MyFitnessPal.

  • September 2020
    Started BowlingHobby

    Despite enjoying bowling for as long as I can remember, I only recently started taking it seriously as I got my first 15lb bowling ball. A perfect game is on my bucket list.

  • May 2020
    Kent to SurreyConveyancing

    Having lived in Kent all my life, it was a nice change moving to the very edge of West Surrey, right next to the M3 and only minutes from Hampshire & Berkshire.

  • February 2020
    Arcade Amusements Hobby

    Discovered that Hollywood Bowl have modern arcade machines, and found out there was a Hollywood Bowl 30 minutes from me in Rochester.

  • May 2017
    Kent to Kent Conveyancing

    I moved into my own home about 5 minutes away in attempt to try to do more things for myself, as well as to experience higher levels of responsibility.

  • April 2014
    Car Audio Hobby

    From Halfords installing my first aftermarket stereo, to some other guys installing 6x9 speakers in boxes and an underseat subwoofer, I gained a hobby in car audio learning to install all the equipment myself. As of 2022, I installed an Android stereo alongside a self designed, carpentered and carpeted ported dual subwoofer enclosure.

  • August 2013
    Acquired Driving Licence Achievement

    I passed my driving test first time with only 1 minor (undue hesitation), and aced the theory test (but not the hazard perception). My first car was a Ford KA.

  • July 2012
    Started Photography Hobby

    I took an interest in photography from my brother and noticed I could take some really nice photos with great positions using a good quality DSLR camera.

  • June 2012
    Started Cooking Hobby

    Around about this time I got my very first air fryer, learnt to make my own battered sweet 'n' sour chicken balls and more. As of 2017 I baked my first Victoria sponge cake. As of 2022 I have my own uniquely-adjusted list of recipes.

  • January 2011
    Started Zenos IT Academy Apprenticeship

    I enrolled in a 6-month intensive IT course to receive basic qualifications for support, technician and networking employment roles.

  • February 2010
    Started Piano Hobby

    Even though I played simple one-finger tunes as a kid on a toy keyboard, I've now learned to play-by-ear and reproduce some really nice piano pieces with my upright piano and my synthesiser.

  • September 2009
    Started Self-Employment

    Starting as a project under a different name giving free servers, it became so popular that I realised I could make it my main source of income with a fresh new name - EpicHosts!

  • February 2008
    Started DJing Hobby

    I was really into Dance eJay in the 90s, but in 2008 I discovered FL Studio and ever since have continued to produce better quality music as years progress. I also have experience with presenting on radio and more!